Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jamboree > Kuala Linggi Melaka 2010

I was invited by a friend to Jamboree Kuala Linggi while rest under an oil palm tree during jamboree in Bernam Jaya last week. Could considered that, because Rotor X and I were unable to ride in Penang for Kayuh Lasak 2010. They are on the same day, and advantage to Kuala Linggi for distance and popularity ranking.

Back to Klang, I've gathered Bro Farid, Bro Wahid and Wak Rusni to ride along in Kuala Linggi. Bro Farid immediately agreed, so do Wak Rosni but unfortunately Bro Wahid couldn't join us.

Saturday Dec 11

As planned the trip to Kuala Linggi take off after Zohor on Saturday. Since the distance to Kuala Linggi only about 2 hours we re lazily drive and enjoy the evening view along the way. Stop at Port Dickson for coffee break for half an hour. We continued the journey to KUIM for registration and goodies collection.

Kopi Ah Chong at PD

Registration and goodies collection

Accommodation had been arranged at Bro Tommy's house in Pengkalan Balak. A kampung house with private beach. Awesome and thank you very much. Really appreciate it.

Very nice treat from our host Bro Tommy - red shirt

Sunday Dec 12

Early in the morning we had check out and get ready at the KUIM. Reassemble and tune the bikes, warming up and having a very light breakfast before the ride. Then suddenly a car park in next to our van. Annuar Manan came out. Wow, now we have an immediate result for todays jamboree. On my last check he is not in the participant list and total are only 465 riders. When I check back this morning at the registration counter, the list sky up to 700 participants. Not bad, in the middle of big event in Penang and Johor,Kuala Linggi had put his remark. Well done.

 Reunite with other riders from Klang Valley

In front of KUIM's Mini Stadium for briefing

CP1 at Genting Cheng Estate

First phase on the trail are considered easy with 10km tarmac and 10km offroad. But there were spaces for organizer to improve on safety aspect, especially while riders are on the road. They should put crews on every junctions to block other traffickers entering the main road. It is only 10km and could estimate around 15 minutes for riders to clear from starting point to last junction before entering the offroad trail.

On top of Bukit Kembar 3 Beradik

Local villagers come out and give supports 

Bukit Tangki - high and dry 

Offroad segment of the jamboree are cover with palm oil plantation, rubber estate, single trail, bushes area and open field. Every of them give their own challenge for riders to pass thru, averagely ridable. The highest point of the ride is Bukit Kembar 3 Beradik peak. When there is climb, there must be downhill. Sad to say, the downhill in this jamboree rated 2 out of 5 from my personal rating. In terms of height, length and subject difficulty. I just ask for sufficient length of downhill, compare to the climb that riders had did. 

Another high climb is Bukit Tangki near the beach of Pengkalan Balak. It serve the view of Malacca Straight and it surrounding area from top. Hence it was almost midday, I don't spend too long here. Rush down to the next water station via most vertical downhill. At last .. Thanks  

Entering Eco Nusa Dusun, another few kilometers to complete 

Last route to pass thru

I've complete the jamboree with full stickers. No long lost or chicken loop along the way, no cramp, and no big accident. Thank's God. But I took almost 3 riding hours for 50km in distance. It was enjoy and ridable and gave a unique lesson.

Image credited to Rosni Mohd Amin and Jimmy Chow. Search them in Facebook. Thanks a lot.

Enjoy ride, be safe.

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