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Ride - Jalan Keretapi Lama

hari terakhir cuti sempena tahun baru cina 2013 .. 

Self Portrait

i don't expect anyone ride along to kuala selangor with me .. but before i'm to bed .. raja text me .. so do hamdan .. asking about tomorrow's tour along the lost railway .. good .. so i got a company this time .. raja has arrive as early 0730 am this morning .. faizal are waiting RJ at the stadium .. give a call to hamdan asking him to head to stadium as well .. after 5 minutes .. all has gathered as promised .. 6 packs .. raja, faizal, rj, hamdan, fifi and me .. compact, small and smart ..

From left: Hamdan, RJ, Pesot, Fifi, Hassan

first we headed to connaught bridge power station as planned .. take a snap at bukit badak .. as the only remaining of connaught bridge junction .. i don't want to pay much time here because it just our normal route .. even till jalan keretapi lama klang .. no much i want to highlight .. the main objective today is the ride started at kampung suara till kuala selangor today ..

Jalan Landasan

that part was forgotten by many of us .. even the world bike traveller .. i don't think they are riding on this part of the road that was a railway long time ago .. started from bukit badak, we cycling out to jalan haji saidin to enter jalan landasan, bukit kuda .. what is interesting here is my finding on last saturday .. from abg samsudin he claimed that the name was base and refered to the runaway not a railway .. the runaway was developed and used by the japanese during their invasion to south east asia .. that was from verbal stories he heard from his late father and grandfather ..

i took this opportunity to ask him about the railway laid accross inside north klang town through out till kapar .. according to abg samsudin the railway started from north klang town .. the halt was located around pasar jawa area or next to wisma hafiz beside jambatan tengku kelana ..

Fong Keong Rubber Factory

from that the rail way was laid headed straight to kapar .. the road now is currently known as jalan
goh hock huat .. at least 2 halts were located here .. the parit cambrong and sg putus halt .. in this road also locate the famous rubber factory .. fong keong .. it produced rubber based product such like shoes, tiub and tyre for bike ..

end off jalan goh hock huat is selat klang highway .. yet we still could ride over .. but only till some part .. so to cross over pintas selat klang utara baru highway aka shapadu highway, we divert the route to jalan rantau panjang and continue back the railway road via jalan sekolah and jalan kapar lama .. from here on even the road name is jalan kapar, there was signage mention that it is jalan keretapi lama ..

It was an iorn bridge here in Batu Ampat, Sementa

at batu 4 ... it was an old iron bridge .. and recently being replace by new bridge to cross sg batu ampat .. it s just in front of masjid sementa .. one mile ahead is batu 5 .. there was another river and railway bridge ruins .. it is a factory on the track .. from this point the road is officially called jalan keretapi lama .. it cross few villages and kapar till kampung tok muda .. in this link there were plenty of halts .. such like sg perepat, kapar hilir, kapar and jalan arab .. none of these halts ruin are left to be
seen by today generation ..

Railway bridge ruin in Batu 5, Kapar

the known jalan keretapi lama was end after jalan arab when it meet main road of jalan kapar .. but by observation from google map we could see the continous line on the right side of jalan kapar .. from previous scouting, we have identified the entrance of the route .. it just infront of a factory .. the road condition are very bad .. it was damage due to heavy usage by big lorry and container .. i believe it not being maintain and monitor by the authority .. the offroad are almost 2 km to kapar / jeram border .. jalan batu 14 .

Entrance of the lost railway

from jalan batu 14 is kampung suara area where a halt was located at batu 15 1/2 ...   small kampung area .. the road are narrow but well maintain .. some part was being repair and upgrade wider .. the ride was fluent crossing sg sembilang at 17 3/4 miles, till jeram .. in jeram there is still a ruin left in front of the school .. 4 blocks of platform builded by red bricks still stand there .. from gross observation .. the ruins are at it origin .. there is kampung small road crossing the railway .. the was and old building not far from the ruin .. the building also has been abandoned .. from local information the building was used by railway company and also being used as a police station .. the last function was beleive as a post office ..

Jalan Keretapi Lama Bt14, Jeram

time shown 11 am .. but the sun has bright and almost on top of our head .. we continue the ride .. crossing raja abdullah road, and till sasaran halt in sungai buloh .. sasaran halt is at 22 1/4 miles from klang .. the halt location must be at the main junction .. even the is no sign of any ruin but the is a big and old tree of pokok pukul 5 .. if front of srjk c chung hwa, sasaran .. the tree provide shades and be a good parking and waiting place .. we took a rest here at the famous Rahimah Ghous Cendol, just next to the masjid ..

After Jeram, heading to Sg Buloh

it is hot and dry that noon .. after a bow of cendol .. we cross the river and start looking the continue point of jalan keretapi lama .. behind the housing area there is an plam oil plantation .. the route are difinitely dirt road .. we cycle to the water gate .. to see if we could get any sight of ruin .. luckly 50m from the gate we saw a platfrom look similar like we saw in jeram .. it is place next to there river .. might be use to move the good on to and from the train to the jetty ..

A ruin next to the Sg Buloh river

when look back at the road heading to kuala selangor .. it just another 12 km .. but i couldn.t guest how long the dirt road could be .. max 10 km till jalan teluk piai .. or it could be 5 km offroad to bukit changkat .. honestly i couldn;t tell .. somemore the weather is very hot .. i've decided to withdraw the ride here this time ..

Offroad to Assam Jawa and Kuala Selangor

we return to the sg buloh and take a shelter at the masjid .. rest and wait for zuhr .. the 12 km is just rideable .. but this project was also contributed by others .. i think it is wise to complete the tour with them as well .. together with abg2 kawasan .. soon will arrange a tour via this route with DETC, Cycle2See, Kulaan and other tourer guys ..

To view full album click here ..

Enjoy ride, be safe ..

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